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AirShip Technologies Group

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AirShipTG's T1 Maglev Electric Truck vehicle is being designed from the ground up to be powered by Lithium-ion electric battery packs and revolutionary integrated hub-based magnetic-levitation spherical induction motors. This software driven maglev propulsion, suspension, braking, and steering, are all adapted for a long haul truck designed to travel 1,000 to 1,200 miles on one full charge of its Lithium-ion batteries that are recharged by track sphere regenerative drive. Designed for highway and street transportation, all ten maglev spherical wheels and socket hub assemblies have an electric spherical induction motor assembly incorporating a free moving spherical wheel. Drive-by-wire software and electromagnetism rotate the spheres on demand and can change the speed and direction through 360-degrees. Hub electromagnets act on the spherical wheel's core near-surface magnets, vastly simplifying the drive system and eliminating the need for Green House Gas (GHG) producing fuels. This 10-track sphere coordinated motor and drive system enables the driver to maneuver all spherical wheels for controlled handling and steering.

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